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Frequent Health Screening is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does a regular check-up mean early detection of potential health problems, but it can also offer peace of mind that you are leading a healthy lifestyle. At Avenue Healthcare we offer a wide range of discounted packages catering to different age groups, gender and health conditions.
We not only offer health check packages but also pre-employment, pre-marital, disease specific, consulate/embassy screening checks, and children’s packages. The primary focus is to get a head start on health awareness and improve quality of life using the latest medical technology and innovations and following a holistic treatment approach.

Our health checks covers the following areas:

  • One-on-one personal consultations.
  • Vital signs and physical examination.
  • Family medical history analysis and impact on patient’s health.
  • Stress management.
  • Blood tests and other work up.
  • Nutrition counselling.
  • Diagnostic screening.
  • Exercise programs.

Why Health Check-ups

Treat Your Problems Before They Start
Most people are clueless about their current health status and incoming illnesses. Your wellbeing is very important for yourself and the family
An analysis of your test results will help you figure out what changes you need for a happier, more rewarding lifestyle Plan Ahead - Compare consecutive health reports to better identify future risks and understand which direction your health is taking. Each package aims to screen as well as gauge the health risk factors so as to optimise patient health. Our facilities are comfortable, modern and well planned so as to seamlessly deliver multi-disciplinary care with adequate privacy and facilitate the guest movement so as to reduce inconvenience to patients and keep things fast moving.
We not only offer international standards of health screening but also the flexibility, wide outreach and a comprehensive specialist panel for follow up visits.

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