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Avenue Healthcare was founded in 1995 for the purpose of managing the outpatient department at the Hospital, and to extend medical services to corporate clientele through an innovative concept of Managed Healthcare.
The idea of bringing medical services to company clients in the form of Mobile and In - House clinics with a 24 hour hospital back up has been very successful. Avenue Healthcare now serves over 1000 companies.

Avenue Healthcare Ltd. aspires to assume the leadership role in the provision of health services in Kenya through the managed care concept.

If You are Unhappy with Avenue Healthcare’s Services You have a right to appeal.

  • The Appeal Procedure
    1. 1 Seek a second opinion from any other Avenue Healthcare Doctor.

    2. If you are still unhappy

    3. 2 See the Branch Manager.

    4. and If you are still unhappy

    5. 3 The Medical Quality Manager will arrange a consultation with a mutually agreeable medical practitioner at Avenue’s cost.

  • Please note that:
    • It is our goal to give care to the patient’s satisfaction.
    • If you would like a second opinion, please feel free to ask the doctor, who will be happy to refer you to any of our other Avenue Healthcare doctors.
    • If this makes you uncomfortable, talk to the receptionist or nurse on duty, or let our Client service staff or any member of the management team know what you want.
    • Second opinions and appeals; should be as easy and painless as possible.
    • It is your right.
  • Patients have right to:
    • Receive superior health care regardless of race, tribe, national origin, sex, age, financial status, religious beliefs and cultural preferences.
    • Be treated with respect and courtesy at all times.
    • Have personal privacy respected and medical records handled confidentially.
    • Know the names, qualifications and professional responsibilities of their health care providers.
    • Receive treatment appropriate to the patient's choice, age, physical, spiritual, emotional, cultural and intellectual needs.
    • Receive information about diagnosis and treatment plans in a language easily understood, with explanations of alternatives including risks, benefits, and burdens of each.
    • Participate in decisions involving their health care and give informed consent to treatment.

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To provide you with the best quality and accessible healthcare service we have patnered with health insurance companies.

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