Our Facilities and Departments

Our Departments are responsible for all Medical and Healthcare services to ensure that we provide high quality medical care to our patients.


Laboratory Department

The labs at Avenue Healthcare offers tests covering the full range of medicinal pathology.


Pharmacy Department

Our pharmacy stores at the hospitals and clinics are well stocked with medicine for our patients.

Out Patient

Outpatient Department

Primary healthcare services are provided by general practitioners and nurses.

Children Clinic

Paediatrics Department

The goal of every parent is to keep their children healthy and safe. We are here to help you do that.

inpatient wards

In-Patient Wards

Our 2 hopitals have a bed capacity of 132 to cater for Surgical, Maternity and Medical wards. The wards are modern and very condusive.


Radiology Department

The department is fully equiped for medical scans. This includes CT Scan, MRI, Ultar Sound and X-ray.


Minor and Major Theater

We have 2 major Laminar flow state of the art and several minor theaters.


Intensive Care Unit

We have 6 ICU with state of the art monitoring equipment, we are able to monitor our patients condition.


To provide you with the best quality and accessible healthcare service we have patnered with health insurance companies.

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